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Hoang Phuc Lam, former director of the Center for Hydrometeorological Inspection, said it will be around November 20 in the central Philippines region and more than tephoons. Level 8, Level 10.

After the storm stream, the storm will move west, a speed of 25km / h. Evening late and late, tephoon crosses the Philippine Palawoan island and goes into South China and has a great deal. may increase. So, it is likely that a storm will affect our country in 2018.

According to Lam, when they were going to China, South China, due to heat at sea heat (over 27 degrees Celsius), the same day, The north end of the evening and night of 21/11 cold air was cold in the cold weather, the interaction between cold air and storms storming the storm and a storm storm 9 is very sad. Cold air can lead to weak and lesser storms; water. However, cold air can also increase the strength of the storm, and the storm also changes. For example, if the air is cold it means that the storm will be; Moving to the right, it is too difficult for the strategy in Hurricane at the 9th nose.

"According to our presumption, storms and cold air will be affected at the same time, and so, when you go through the Spratly Islands, the 9-11 tephoon appears to be and its range, It could be the influence of Tephoon No.9 than Da Nang to Ba Ria – Vung Tau, "said Lam. Mr Lam said about 7 hours on November 23, tephoon No. 9 offshore Southeast Asia areas approximately 250km to the east, with strong winds of 9-10, level 12 of circulation.

The tephoon is likely to be on the afternoon and afternoon of November 23, which directly affects the regions from provin Quang Ngai and Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Severe storms can reach 8-9. It is expected that November 20 is the most likely situation for this storm to affect the southern and southern areas.

In particular, the area from Quang Ngai to Ba Ria – has a significant impact on the Air storm. 9 on Vung Tau, with the strongest winds on the coast on November 23. 6-7 In coastal areas in the areas where storms are hit, there are strong storms between 8-9, 11-12 levels.

Do not predict heavy rain due to "blind place" or weakness?

According to Vietnam's Meteorological Group's submissions, a storm of 9 and cold air interconnects each other with heavy rainfall to the areas from Quang Tri to Binh Thuan, Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Lam Dong, parts. in the north east of the south. This water temperature will start on November 22, when Cold Air impacts on Central, then cold air and storm interactions will cause heavy waters in the water; Central since 23 November.

It is expected that heavy waters will survive from 23-28 November, which has heavy rain from Quang Tri to Thuan Binh with plenty of water up to 300-500mm. The Khanh Hoa area is also the center of water, with water in two 23-24 days, with a total sum of 200 to 300mm per day.

Information about the availability of bullying is heavy that threatens healthy floods; threatening the main sectors, especially the Khanh Hoa area, where the historic floods occurred, were killed and killed. Losing 20 people in Nha Trang City.

According to Lam, the median and median network of Nam Trung is still small, informal spread in the harbor, usually surrounded by the river, is very dispersed or not no sector. above the river, mountain areas, where water usually occurs.

On the other hand, in the South Central division, with short-flowed streams and heavy water congestion in a short time, the severe flooding is rapidly reduced, so the time spent is not; expectations of the short repression. So, the prehistoric, heavy rain warning, movie flooding, landslide for this area is difficult.

In particular, according to the head of the Hydrometeorology Research Center Center, Nha Trang Town is a "radar blind" spot in Nha Trang. Because there are many high-rise buildings, radar waves block its height; disturbed radar signal, can not identify heavy rain clouds.

At the same time, the development of urban areas, coastal homes … has been restricted by the drainage system, many "growing" areas of residential areas are in dangerous places; Habitat landslide, To climb hilly areas to build homes … they must also know.

Be prepared for storms and strong floods

On 20 November, before the 9th tephoon affected the main areas and central areas of the Highlands, especially heavy waters, the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development and Head of Disaster Management Chief these areas would be ready. Suffering strong storms and great floods. So, at sea, local survey and review will be in place; Ensure communication with the system of fishing boats, anchorage with guiding boats; water system.

Areas are campaigning in & # 39; leaving people from lowlands, flood risk, cliffs and floods and landslides; Plan to ensure people's safety in business parks, resorts, watercourses. Local authorities will guide people to strengthen their houses, utensils, towers, tree cutting in urban areas. To use the forces, notably the teams, teams to prevent natural accidents in societies, towns, with militia as the heart, Note the extent of current density … to prevent floods when heavy rainfall exists.

Mr Cuong also suggested that local authorities work on investment institutions, especially important reservoirs, small reservoirs, unsuitable construction lochs in urban areas and residential areas.

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