What is the light at the end of the tunnel?


KINGDOM UNITED (Excelsior) .- The phrase "I saw the light at the end of the tunnel is familiar with all of us, however, we can ask ourselves, is there something after a dying? What a & # 39; what is the effect of the light you want to see?

A group of scientists from the United Kingdom published an article in which they say that this light is about "a deep psychological event with wonderful elements and its origin in tensioning the time it can due to physical or emotional pain, even inspired by heart attacks or wounds in cerebral oats.

Many people have said that at the same time they knew "the light at the end of the tunnel and that they say they feel they are feeling Satisfied, they move from their body, move quickly through a long and dark tunnel until they reach a clear light, the scams argue.

Niall Dagnall and Ken Drinkwater, commenting on The Conversation magazine that the knowledge can change according to human beliefs, culture or age.



Experts believe that these emotions can be fundamentally embedded, because of personal beliefs different from those who see them.

For many years, science has brought many explanations to this event before death, as "the beliefs of the survivors, which say that close proximity experiences in reproductive mental adverse reactions where whose cells begin to die, one of the most said.

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