What is the Ministry of Construction say about the $ 6 billion big project in Mui Dieu Do – Ho Chi Minh Town?


An investment project for the construction of a technical infrastructure in Mui Den Do Park and urban housing (the name of the Saigon Point trade). Situated in the Phu Nhuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, is surrounded by the Canal of the Butterfly River and the Saigon River on Dao Tri Road, this area is also known as the Cape Red.

The total scope of its project is about 117ha, and # 39; including a mixed multi-purpose park around 82ha and a urban area around 35ha.

The projector of this major project is the Covenant of Stocks Company Company of Saigon (Co-iomairt between Van Thinh Phat, Pavilion Group and Genting Group), in which a Pavilion Group is taking place in design work and acquisition. According to the plan, this urban park is including work in luxurious rooms, tourist townhouses, level A office buildings, 5 star hotel, international traveler port …

Location to Saigon Pearl 6 billion project

Recently, Ministers and Departments have held a lot of meetings in terms of agreeing the investment in this project, and carrying out the tasks identified by Deputy First Minister Trinh Dinh Dung and the Ministry of Construction. Other services and agencies were involved in being able to; link insight into investment projects.

Previously, this project was approved by the Ho Chi Minh Town People Committee to invest in Dai Truong Son JSC (now Jigsaw Saigon Peninsula JSC) in Àir Writing. 8156 / UBND-DTMT date 28/11/2007. , Aramaic writing extension. 1751 / UBND-DTMT dated 22/4/2009 and approve the guidelines to continue their project in Àir Writing. 4980 / UBND-DTMT dated 24/8/2015.

According to the Building Paper, on October 9, 1818, Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung met the & # 39; This project, based on Report No. 2025 / BXD. -PTDT dated 16/8/2018 on the review of implementation results and associated investment methods of the project, the Ministry of Construction has examined the views of services and departments at its disposal. meeting and the draft Deputy Prime Minister.

Following this meeting, Ministry of Construction received the idea of ​​the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Ayr Writing. 7699 / BKHDT-PC on 30 October 2008 and Ministry of Justice in Àir Writing. 4268 / BTP-PLDSKT on June 6, 11/2018.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Ministry Ministry agreed to the Ministerial Report of the Build Up. 2025 / BXD-PTDT dated 16 August, 1818 and indicated that the project would be implemented in the interim period between Investment Law 2005 and Investment Investment 2014 (agreed by the Ho Chi Minh Town People's Committee in Document No. 8156 / UBND-DTMT date 28/11/2007, expand in Writing No. 1751 / NBND-TMT dated April 22, 2009 and agree the instructions to continue its project on Continue in Writing No. 4980 / UBND-DTMT dated 24/8/2015), so it is & # 39; The decision on the ownership policy of its Project is considered to be consistent with Clause 3 provisions, Article 59 of the Regulation No. 118/2015 / ND-CP on 12 November 2015 to & # 39; explaining and managing the implementation of a number of articles of the Investment Law; The investment investment will be made in accordance with the Àir Regulation. 11/2013 / ND-CP dated 14 January 2013 of the Government on investment regulation on urban development (No. 11/2013 / ND-CP).

According to the consensus of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry and Justice, the Government Office and its results; Evaluation of the construction of the Ministry of Construction project in Report No. 67 / TTr-BXD on December 22. / 2017, in the spirit of removing problems for initiatives according to the Government's agreement, the Ministry of Construction requires its Prime Minister to approve investment projects in accordance with the provisions of Subordinate No. 11/2013 / ND-CP.

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