What is the new school in Ukrainian


The Ministry of Education is planning to carry out a major redevelopment of the "new Ukraine School". In line with the new draft law "On Higher Higher Education", school inequality will emerge in the school, school children will be able to carry out an inspection under a separate program, and parents will begin an inspection of an educational establishment. This writes the "Urin Truth".

Education Minister Lilia Grinevich presented a document at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on 13 March, and now the government must submit it for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada.

The important point is the language. The Ministry of Education offers a three-phase model for school pupils wishing to study in national minority language languages.

It is the first model for the native people of Ukraine, who does not live in the linguistic environment of their language and does not have a state, which would provide protection and development for this language. Firstly, it is about the Crimean Tatars. They will be able to investigate the language of native speakers along with a detailed study of the Ukrainian language per year of study.

Second model for schools with a minority language teaching language, with their languages ​​pertaining to the languages ​​of the European Union. Together with state language learning, such children learn the language in minority schools in the primary school. In level 5, at least 20% of the annual number of inspection time should be taught in Ukraine with a gradual increase in the book, so that at least 40% of subjects are taught in the state language. In grades 10-11, the percentage rises to 60.

In terms of the speaker classes, they belong to the third group. In a fundamental school, there will be teaching in a minority language minority language together with the study of Ukrainian, and from level 5 at least 80% of school time is read in state language.

In general, nothing is changed here since the Ministry of Education and Science has put law into secondary education. The aforementioned language-sentence was still mentioned there. It is remembered that the draft law is cited as “semi-fascist” in Hungary. Budapest is not happy with 40%, or even less than 60% Ukrainization of the Hungarian classes.

Sunny was also told about an “individual education route”. This initiative will initially deal with students with disabilities and the children who attend out of school classes. So school children going to music and sports clubs etc. t • not be able to count the experience acquired without counting in the institution, but excluding the time period for homework or other work. Pupils who are learning at home will be able to confirm their academic achievements and find a document about full secondary education.

In order to use the new opportunities, parents must write a written statement which then, together with their student and teachers, must produce a separate plan, approved by the teacher and director. For subjects available outwith the institution, make a standard assessment or STA.

In addition, the redevelopment is preparing to develop a new education place for children. Talk about libraries and resource rooms. Children who have been treated long-term will be able to access education in legally protected medical centers. And in order for the school to take account of children's educational and psychological needs, the project provides two cycles: the first stage is in stages 1-2, and the second in the second. T The levels 5-6.

To help pupils choose their own elective subjects, rather than make the school for them – as is happening today – following reform, intermediate groups will be created in educational centers for subjects. explore.

For teachers, they gain more autonomy when creating programs, developing assessment and reward systems. Teachers also receive 10 – 20% of salary for management of resource rooms, computer rooms and sports halls. As well as that, she is expected to gain experience of teaching experience.

A young teacher, who has come to the school from a school, will receive a mentor who will offer advice, guidance and welfare support and the teacher's development. In this case, the supporter will receive more than 20% in salary for such guidance and will have a personal interest in the success of the young teacher.

In addition, all staff have to complete home health care courses. And parents of children with special educational needs will be able to join their children in class. Also, if needed, parents can start an unlisted institutional study of an educational establishment.

Recall, the Minister's Cabinet removed your qualifications in schools to preserve secondary education qualifications.

We also note that the Ministry of Education has published new regulations for admission to universities.

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