What is the role of a healthy diet in the fight against cancer?


1 January 2019 07:27 AM

It was confirmed that the current cancer treatment suffered by her; damaging his defensive system, the previous tutorial of the TVN "Peloton" reality program, René O & Ryan, publicly acknowledged that "he did not follow the instructions "and he refused to live eight months with chemotherapy.

"I just said," I would not be poisoning myself, because I was learning, I got out, I did research and that's; going to kill me in eight months or, at a & # 39; Most, in a year, "said the Navy's innovative accident. His conversation with the animators Rafael Araneda and Carolina de Moras in 2017.

According to O Ryan, the problem was in the fight against his illness of nutrition and that is why, from the time of his determination, he decided to eat organically, and # 39 ; use natural materials and; leaving the carbohydrates, sure – they will eat the strange cells.

Is it possible to burn cancer with just one meal? "In general, the answer is not (…) When cancer has already been created, healthy food will not go ahead," said Carlos Rojas, an oncologist at Clínica Universidad de los Andes. In this regard, the scientist says that cancer is a complicated disease, in which several ways of tumor cells can persist in stressed situations.

In this way, it is not a problem for them to eradicate any food from the food, for example sugar, and "they will control by entering to create other means of energy that allow them to keep the metabolism smoothly. "

Indeed, Rojas recognizes that healthy diet is effective to help patients with cancer; suffer from normal curation better. "People who get chemo are fine, for example, eating healthy, much more uncomfortable, giving better treatment, less abdominal, etc. That's a number of things which welcomes good food, but it is a co-offer to make the cure overall and work better, not just as a cure, "stressing the oncologist.

Carlos Rojas explains why he should not have a good diet for a patient with cancer, because this would be a means that it has a detrimental effect, but it should provide a lot of protein so that the self defense can be generated, and thus be able to provide adequate support for both the disease and the cure.

"A fair diet is a good diet where food can be lost without limiting and others that are limited, but if eaten within a specific area , it's not a problem either. bad food, "said the specialist.

However, the doctor stresses his / her; life is "very important" in the prevention of disease. "People with a healthy diet that receive cancer less than those in Western foods, are rich in fried food, carbohydrates and wild sugar, healthy diet, healthy life, exercise, without Smoking, not very or very low, has everything that is shown as effective mechanisms to prevent cancer generation, "it ends.

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