What is the situation for AFF Cup decision makers in 2018?


In Group A, Vietnam's team has the greatest chance to get to & # 39; main place. At this time, Park Hang has seven points following three matches, the same points with Myanmar and fewer secondary school, so the number 2 was recorded in the table.

But at the end, the Vietnam team needed to be a challenging one that was worse than Cambodia, and Myanmar had to play on the front of Malaya in his / her. last round.

At the moment there is a difference of visitors in Myanmar of 7/2, although there is a difference between the Vietnam 5/0 team, if both of them are able to win; game in the final series, the split between the two sides. is included, to verify the summit of board A.

Vietnam's team may be on the top of A Group (picture: Gia Hung)

Vietnam's team may be on the top of A Group (picture: Gia Hung)

Indeed, Vietnam's ability to hit Cambodia at Hang Dieu is far higher than the potential of Myanmar to hit Malayis at Bukit Jalil's big stadium in Kuala Lumpur, where Myanmar is in a position; look. About … 100,000 Malay audiences.

There is also another team in the main place in Group A, theory, Malaysia. If Malaysia buys to Myanmar, and Vietnam does not affect Cambodia, it's 9 points in Malaysia, 8 main points are in Vietnamese, Malaysia's board leads.

Malay can hit Myanmar completely at home, but Vietnam's team is not affected by Cambodia at Hang Do Stadium, which is all southeast Asia, but only Cambodian people, may not We expect to be & # 39; think.

In fact, in a large part, in Group A, Vietnam's team will almost certainly be in the main location if we; Play against Cambodia well on November 24.

At the same time, in Group B, Thailand meets Singapore at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok and the Philippines hosted at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on November 25th.

... long while Thailand is also liable to be in a position; First place in Group B after November 25

… long while Thailand is also liable to be in a position; First place in Group B after November 25

The seven points have been in Thailand and the Philippines, there are 6 points in Singapore, which compete for two tickets to the final round, three points in Indonesia, because they have won the Philippines In the final series, they still have a & # 39; the highest. The points are much worse than Thailand and the Philippines.

So, do not I know Indonesia will come to the Philippines with any comment? Good idea of ​​holding the front of the audience, or will it be broken out because it has been erased at least?

However, it is difficult to believe that the Indonesians are in a position; trying to break the style, so the Philippines are not easily accessed by Gelora Stad Bung Karno on 25/11 here.

Even in the case of Indonesia's Indonesian case, they do not appear to be on top of the page; board, because Thailand's possibilities have been getting Singapore in Bangkok still high, long & Thailand's difference of interest is 12/3. Philippines (5/3).

In Thailand's case, Thailand is still in the main place, as it is said that the Philippines are not easy to win the Indonesia team on the island's island area.

The Thailand was abolished if they fell to Singapore and the Philippines failed to Indonesia. But these two capacities do not tend to be the same.

The most likely situation is in Table B, where Thailand has a top of its table. Singapore will Competition in the second album in the finals with the Philippines. If you want to get into the two conclusions, Singapore must have 1 at least 1 point ahead of Thailand, and expect Indonesia to hit the Philippines.

And if both Vietnam and Thailand teams are very likely to win the best places in Group A and Group B, both sides will be met in each other. final!

Last game schedule, group level

Group A, November 24

19h30, Hang Diem courtyard (Hanoi): Vietnam – Cambodia

19h30, Bukit Jalil (Kuala Lumpur): Malaysia – Myanmar

Group B, November 25

19h, Rajamangala Stadium (Bangkok): Thailand – Singapore

19h, Gelora Stadium Bung Karno (Jakarta): Indonesia – Philippines

Kim Dien

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