What is the Zheng Hongyi 6-year ice-maker? Chen Huiwen explains "heart carved event" Funny Today's news


▲ Chen Weiwen "News Digging Wow" did not determine for 6 years. (Figure / selling from "News Dig Wow" YOUTUBE)

The 9th general election will take place on 24th, and the famous mouth of Chen Weiwen, who has been out of the screen for many years, gave the opportunity to break "News Digging Wow" for 6 years. He said many friends he saw saying: "You're going to put the excuse to Zheng Hongyi!" Chen Wenwen explained: "He did not like him." After that, Chen Huiwen and Zheng Hongyi's relatives did not understand, so he did not know; They can "Excavate Wow" for six years.

Chen Shunwen was "Wow" excavated in the past, but he did not record for 6 years, so he did not understand his friends. Chen Huiwen explained that those days make radio, and that every day is alive, so there are no plastic jobs, means that their organization is very healthy.

▲ The host is Zheng Hongyi. (Figure / selling from "News Dig Wow" YOUTUBE)

Although Chen Huiwen said they had no heart, Zheng Hongyi said and said: "Indeed, I have, that is, he has not borrowed money from me." As regards Chen Weiwen, he said he's broadcasting, why he is come back now? He also said: "The plan can not keep pace with the changes, and the environment of all the media has grown rapidly." The broadcast said for 13 years, and now there is only a change.

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