What Joanna Gaines wants most of it in 2019


Musicians fell in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines as soon as they appeared on our Tools with HGTV Fixer Upper. Many thanks to Joanna's amazing photos and Chip's ability to help her vision together with power devices, the people of Waco, Texas, Turn the houses once they were involved in climbing. And while Chip and Joanna may also be participating in the show, we can not wait to see what they will do next.

So what Joanna will be entering in 2019? It seems that she has done a great deal of recent experience on what she wants to go out of the future with her career, family, and life goals. Here's what she wants to most in the & # 39; new year.

Joanna wants to & # 39; stay today & # 39;

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It is always my nature to reflect on the past and then on a while. I think I'm going to; Think about what I miss and how life is just moving too fast. I mean that the crew is already six months old and says "mom" (I had to throw it in there, I'm sorry Chip). Drake drives in two years and goes out to the college in four. And so I got to mourn the time that has just disappeared in the future. Can you see what I did there? This long-term thing can be like a thief if you can read it. I challenge myself in this new year to be & # 39; live right now. Today. Take in every breath, sight, and sound and keep it well. Not to think about how the good days have passed on us or the best to come. But that's right now, the second thing, this is the gift. These are the days. These are the times. And I'll surrender everyone. If it's pain and sadness, or pleasure and hope, let it down and drop it out. I want to enjoy it now because it is the only thing we can accept. I want to keep it carefully. Keep it right I want to abolish the small attacks because I have discovered that these are the thieves; steal a few months and steal our days. But it's time, the time of our most precious gift. Here you have to see and & # 39; find out the beauty, hope and happiness in the moment in 2019. And for good, be a bit fun while long, what are we at the time! It will be a happy new year indeed. We believe that for all of us. h mph East North Easterly

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Joanna did a great job of consolidating her holiday time with her family on her Instagram. We have seen its big tree and its very good Christmas design, indeed – and recently, we have heard about their hopes and dreams for the new year. For her New Year's post, she put a picture of a baby crew along with her reflection in the year. "It's always the nature to reflect on the time and then there," she started. "I think I'm thinking about what I miss and how his life just moves too fast." But she then explains her new challenge for herself in 2019 – and that's all right. live right now.

"I challenge myself in this new year to be living now. Today I am taking in every breath, sight, and sound. Keep it well. Not to think about how the good days have passed on us or the best to come, "she said to her role. In terms of why she wants to start less in the dream of her long-term and long-term future and more in this moment, Joanna explained that "the One thing we can take into account … I want to abolish the small attacks because I've found out that these are thieves and months of her and her & # 39; steal on days. "

She also wants to have fun long & What are we at?

It is not always a minute to wait; means that Joanna is going to be so bad and unhappy, though. At the end of her career, she also said we should aim to "make some fun while we are at that time! It's going to be a really happy new year. ; I believe that for all of us. "

Chip can definitely help Joanna and his children to play in 2019. Although he has told humanity that he can be a hard parent for his kids, we all saw the side We're sorry for a TV – and we're sure that's a? coming out at home too The Deputy He also told the publication that he wants his children to get out and enjoy their life, means enough outdoor playtime and when they are old enough. And we saw Joanna that allowed her children to become children too – especially with her; This video she and her daughter danced.

What's going on for the Gaines family in 2019?

As well as keeping up with many of their business enterprises, what new projects will the Gaines family bring to their news in 2019? For beginners, a Language Cable explains that they are </ p>; create their own TV network with the help of Discovery. When Chip and Joanna appeared on him Tonight Showcase, Chip said to Jimmy Fallon, "We will have a network and I think we're going to pull it out in a way that makes us sense and our families. "

In terms of family issues, they are currently looking after their five children and their children; Start college thinking for the oldest ones. But that does not mean that they are ready to; expand the family. County Life notes that the two have spoken of having another child, and Cip.

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