What numbers did Patrice Cartier do in 163 days with Ahli?


The board decided to club
Al – Ahli le Mahmoud Khatib with commander of the first coach of Patrice Cartier team and coach
Michael Lindeman officially leaves the team from the Arab Club Championship.

The Council also decided that Sayed Abdel Hafiz would be directed as an active director. well
And Mohamed Youssef's work as a temporary technical director of his first team to complete his & her; contract with technical director and team
New device for its first team.

Reviews "Dawn Sport" In this report the most prominent figures
"Cartieron" le Ahli: –

– Patrice Cartieron over Al Ahly's technical leadership on 12 June
2018 thereafter to "Hossam Al-Badri", and continue at the head of technical Red Red
For about 163 days before being shot out today after leaving an Arab Club Championship.

– Patrice Carteron leads a club in 21 matches in various competitions
(6 matches in the league of Egypt – 10 matches in the League of African Pride – 4 cups of games
Zayed Club Champions – Egyptian Cup 1)

– Carteron made 12 attacks with Al Ahly and lost
In 3 games, connected in 6 games, the team was circulated under 38 visits, and received a page
20 goals.

– Patrice Cartiron played 32 players with Al Ahli in competitions
Officially, Walid Sulaiman, the leading coach of the French coach and scooter team (8 visits), was long
Mali is Sali Coulibaly who plays in games with 18 games.

– Al Ahly defeated the title of the Scottish League
Afraga against Esperance Tunisia, and bids farewell to Zayed Cup for 16th Tour Hook Clubs
Facebook Facebook.

– Ahli's greatest influence under "Carteron"
Was it a 4-0 score of Guinea's time, with a Lebanon star with a 4-1 score, with the greatest loss
Esperance won 3-0 over Esperance and won 4-3

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