What opportunity is there! Taliana Vargas marked the first month of his daughter Alicia


The unusual beauty of a beauty Taliana Vargas she has socialized networks after giving her travel stats in her daughter Alicia María and her husband, the businessman Alejandro Éder, after the little girl was born. t

A month ago the news was surprising that the new member came to the model family, who were committed to meeting her baby, as she said in each of her publications which evolved part Tromas

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Through your account Instagram, Taliana section share a series of images that she displayed and knew first month Alicia

In the images you can see a cake decorated with pink flowers, and although the child will be crying, the couple cannot hide or celebrate this important day. Despite the strife of Alicia, they will be happy.

“We dream of you, long for you and today you keep a month in the arm. To be with you is the thing the Mostoooo can have Alicia Maria P.S the pictures, because you can see that photos of the babies are not easy. ”, did the words and clarification of the samaria appear in the published?

Note that days out, Taliana has stolen all the congratulations and best wishes at that time as a mother after they had passed a video offer in which you left he is in the Alicia room, singing and singing with her, Coloimbian traditional music.

'Aliki, you're more important in the countryside, but you're also from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Nitta's great-grandmother learned to love us through music, culture and her people; This song was your favorite and today you like to fall asleep with the same song as Indian Tayrona "was added to the video description.

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