What pair of armies that get fortune are? waving his wall when she married her; couple?


Age and Age

It is considered that the two chicks are most suited to marriage. In particular, Ox has a lot of practical, positive experience, which they have collected from a young age. Although young people can fail but not be abandoned, make marriage more difficult.

At the same time, old people are good at money management. Both comparing each other, and # 39; reducing the stress of life pressure.

Tuat and the Chat Age

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The dogs are coherent and urgent, but they still care about the family. Legally, both Dog and Cat are owners of intellectual property, when long-term strategic planning for the world is combined.

The middle of Tuat will meet its beneficiaries. These two chicks should connect to more friends, which will be useful for future development.

Age and Age

This is the most interesting mix 12 crysanthemumsSouth-West Young people have cold heads, catching and catching; find opportunities in business. The old man is good at communication, negotiation in doing business.

If both know how to benefit, grow further, money like water. Despite this, the two should survive irresistibly to avoid the people around them.

Age of Dragon and Age of Rooster

Old people want to look after themselves, costs a little more cost, but the job is still excellent. At the age of the dragon, praiseworthy inability, they will understand the morals. This combination, not only support each other for emotional support in each other.

Although both are very busy, they only need support from the other.

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