What people eat when they send delivery apps


In recent years, there were only a few cases for the order of food at home, and when pizza and sushi were managing, as well as telephoning on their cell. phone. Currently, in the hands of technology, the situation is different.

Although we are still using telephone, the fire phone is now the way the order is placed upon request. And if there were a few years ago, one of those tools that were capable of being lost, you are aware of the large number of bicycles and bicycles that travel on the streets and are waulked with colorful bags of those apps. And he is already running, at least in Santiago.

But why does this market grow? "Money is a time," said Martin Ireta, postgraduate courses director at the U. Business School. In fact, Silein today wants the hamburger to come home to buy the steady line.

On the other hand, all those apps in our country are defined as "Chile is one of the countries where most technologies have taken", as well "it's a good regional location in Latin America for being able to try (those apps). And if it works here, it will work in other parts of the region, "he says.

"In South America Chile is king of delivering"

One of the most recent applications to reach the Rappi-Zimbabwe country. Isaac Cañas, a general director, argues that "In South America, Chile is a king of delivery, in particular because there is more banking, that is, more people have access to a credit card and this allows people to ask more people. "

At the same time, Pedidos is the one who has more time with a nationwide presence, seven years to be in detail. For its managing director, Juan Martín López, who currently has a kind of delivery provision through these applications and in such a limited time "That means, in a certain way, that Chilean had some debt in this type of service". In his opinion, his "home-based concept" had a strong link to pizza and sushi, but he says that "this business grows more fast ", although he says" there is still a huge market to deal with ".

"This business grows faster"

At the same time, Willem Schol, Chile's Rural Manager of Glovo, stresses the importance of the # 39; It is to use these tech devices. "In Latin America, we are the third country with the best type of usage of this type of app".

And who else will be using them? In his experience, he shows that "throughout the day there are more people aged 25 to 35, only men and women", although he says "at dinner they are groups of friends and / or relatives "

With regard to the prescribed menu, Despite the wide variety, users do not leave the "fast food" classical. "Sailors are lamenting hamburgers, sushi and pizzas," said Jordi Suárez, general manager of Uber Eats, who says there is a huge demand for more local food, downloaded by the Sawuches. For more information, he says French fans are the most enjoyable "snack" and their favorite soft drinks.

Extra food? Beag still

With the arrival of foreigners in the country, he may think that Silein has been involved with something of his culture or that his own migrants have been able to change his & # 39; a shift of the type of food ordered at home. However, since the companies say that this has not happened.

Cañas says that the change that does not affect the # Our society is due to the fact that a & # 39; Most of the people who want through Rappi Silein or who are living in Chile for a long time. "Although he says there are foreigners who want the usual food from their original nations, These do not represent a high level of total commands.

Although users are still conservation, the offer available in the apps related to the migration shows some of the features; changes. Indeed, "he has expanded Venezuelan restaurants," said Schol.

"It has expanded the restaurants of Venezuelan food"

Lopez suggests that there is a different choice between Colombia and Venezuelan in its platform, "why not send us out that its demand is growing in future ".

There is a summer coming near and there; showing offenders

There are total uniqueness among the four applications, which include customs that use fast food or split when they request delivery. However, the summer that is just around the corner is shaken off; consciousness of some who are likely to continue to eat more salted foods, change fry and large foods for something that allows them to do so; look better in the holidays.

In this regard, Lopez says that, although fast food is the only thing that prescribes, "We have noted that they are more open to want more convenient fooda, as the choice of vegetarian options that the various restaurants we work with offer ".

In this way, there is a feature that stands out when people ask this kind of "light" menu. From Uber Eats, it indicates that the largest salad that is & People who enjoy more than one protein.

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