What should you do if you get a strange note about WhatsApp Gold


The malware & # 39; This is distributed for its & # 39; the first time through the message service immediately in 2016.

WhatsApp is re-launched to & # 39; Invitation to Gold & # 39; of fast messengers, which is not more than a virus, reports an independent newspaper.

"If you know someone who uses WhatsApp, you can provide this. A IT (Information Technology) co-worker is said Tomorrow comes a video out from the message service called Martinelli, do not open it, add & # 39; on your phone and nothing will do. Expand the word "is the content of the series of messages that were circulated for the first time in 2016 and that has been refurbished again.

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"If you get a message to Whatsapp updated Whatsapp Gold, click on It is said in the news that this virus is complex and bad. Take it to everyone ", you can read in the note. The text of this text varies slightly because it is spread, but the target remains the same: a & nbsp; as many devices as possible.

In that message series, the video release of "Martinelli" is wrong. However, the link is offered to represent the edited WhatsApp Gold version that a real risk of security, from which it can be transmitted by users to complicated websites. It's a virus in WhatsApp Gold where warriors will be able to; Try to get information from victim phones, and go into the services of a fake and his / her; steal confidential data, among others.

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According to British & security software & # 39; Sophos, WhatsApp Gold has to delete users by going to # 39; submit them an application powerful & efficient features and benefits The WhatsApp application is not original, but everything is a scam. In addition, he wants to remove this message, and to & # 39; use software or security, and download applications from official platforms such as App Store or Google Play.

Source: RT News

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