What symptoms of an aviation and how to stop it is spread



Hantavirus is a severe viral disease caused by a Hana virus that will invading human lungs and transmitted through saliva, urine or mice feces.

When it is dried, it will be combined with dust and carried through the air, which is why it can be spread by air pollution in open spaces or closed. It can also be distributed with bites or mice directly.

In humans, there are usually two types of conditions: a type of hemorrhagic fever with black-haired or syndrome syndrome or Hantavirus chemmearra, poor state of lungs. In addition, it can cause breathing, heart failure and, ultimately, death.

With regard to Hanta's disease among people, in Argentina, only one case was found in which the virus was moved by a salivary tract and a few years ago.


The symptoms are very similar to those like a state like swine, such as fever, eyes, tiredness, discomfort or low blood pressure, headache and coughing with the common areas of abdominal pain, muscles or coffin.

In terms of gastrointestinal symptoms, the person who causes diarrhea can be on the " diarrhea, flow or burn. They can also experience breathing or breeding in the lungs.


Some of the recommendations that include to # 39; avoid Hantavirus spread:

  • The camps near the woodland or woodland, or with constant water.
  • If you go to cabinets or shelters, the opening and removal must be for several hours before settling.
  • Enclosure with moisture tricks so that you do not put debris and do not walk in unprotected areas, as they may be involved in cracking, stream or mouse.
  • Remember if you have high fever, headache and body weight, or symptoms like flu or gastrointestinal trouble, you should talk to your doctor or go to the nearest hospital or health center.
  • Circulate only on paths and with buried shoes.
  • It is important to be aware of that the disease's cleansing period may be up to 45 days after it appears, with which the symptoms may appear long after the virus appears.


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They investigate a case that may be in anyone's person who is in a Cutral Co.

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