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Що робити, якщо покинув хлопець: корисні поради від Маші Єфросиніної - Lifestyle 24

I guess every girl has ever experienced separation from a loved one. Moreover, each faced with a situation when a guy decided to put an end to the relationship. Popular TV presenter Masha Efrosinina decided to advise his papanasam how to act in such a difficult situation.

"What if you got dumped? How to return a loved one? And do I have it all back? To eat, drink, burst into tears, to call a friend? What to do? "- sooner or later asked these questions. Known Ukrainian TV presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina has created another "roundabout", in which he spoke about his experience.

Do not stay alone

After a breakup most women make the common mistake closed in his room and forget about entertainment. To improve your emotional state, you should not be alone, and to invite a friend or go with her somewhere.

Alone you can repeat the mistakes I made. For example, I Ob Dalas. I felt so sorry for himself, felt humiliated, insulted, oblibenou, therefore, and ate it all, as the food was supposed to help me,
– said Masha Efrosinina.

Що робити, якщо покинув хлопець: корисні поради від Маші Єфросиніної - Lifestyle 24

A change of scenery

It is best in such a difficult time to go somewhere else at least for a day. Other country, the people, the food can affect the mental state. If the trip can not be implemented, create additional classes – foreign language courses, dancing or gym.

Weep 3 days

You need to throw away all the negative emotions through tears. This is best done not more than 3 days. If you strive to remain calm and to conceal his pain, the depression can only magnetise.

Do not discuss personal life in the network

Public humiliation or the details of his personal life will not help to deal with emotions. Moreover, you will force all to feel sorry for you and will not show himself in the best light.

Avoid meeting with ex-lover

At least for a while, avoid those places where they often like to relax with your ex-boyfriend. Thus you will have more time to recover from the break and will not banknote superfluous.

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