What to expect from Blue Jays at Winter Meetings


Las Vegas's effects can typically test the most popular visitors, specially designed for Baile Sin for football winters. Among these times of a free insurance facility, the baseball annual software in a built-up place will eliminate the deletion of management and will block the week ahead .

Will the control of recent recent times still manage? Or do some of the teams be introduced to allow them to travel and go to; fight over the budget?

The Toronto Blue Jays has definitely been among more regulative clubs in recent seasons, free of charge and courtesy of free agents. Note that since Mark Shapiro became President and CEO in November 2015, it was the largest financial commitment of the club in a free group; three year contract granted to J.A. That year.

The second is on the three-year contract list for Kendrys Morales issued in November 2016, with a two-year Marco Estrada contract and the two-year agreement of $ 12.5 million with Steve Pearce the other one who has been awarded a multi-year commitments on his watch.

There has been a huge annual cost for Jose Bautista ($ 18 million), Estrada ($ 13 million) and Jaime Garcia ($ 10 million), plus a number of smaller contracts, respite.

Long-term poverty, very little risk – face office mantra for the times.

Ben Nicholson-Smith and Arden Zwelling will host fans within the Blue Jays and around the MLB with news, analysis and interview.

It is worth remembering how Ross Ross continues to continue to go to her. hunting to reform the needs that he opened badly. Amazingly, the Blue Jays are trying to put weapons long-term from time to time with their main player. come up, but "Trent Thorntons and Marcus Stromans and Aaron Sanchezes are very hard to make sure," he said.

"It's hard to get a young person, disciplinary, so we're not going to get more types of Ryan Borucki / Sean Reid-Foley," is Atkins a & # 39; follow. "It's added at the most effective and more expensive level of content."

Due to the recent spending costs of Blue Jays, Suggestions of a future with more types of proprietors who may, if they are; achieved, can be sold at interim trading interim rather than later pieces.

The $ 140 million pattern, a six-year-old Patrick Corbin, which came from Washington Nationals is the type of access that the crew does not believe. makes sense for the agenda at the moment, since 2019 will be spent through sand, and confirming such a player to take part in rebuilding, a cost must be taken.

Perhaps – maybe – if someone finds himself like Dallas Keuchel himself, Jake Arrieta was in spring in spring, without contract to spring training, and the Blue Jays could try to fit. But the most likely situation is that they are waiting to & # 39; market of Garcia, just trying to make better results this time.

The only way they can get the kind of young armies they want to spend outside the draft price in trading, and some of them need to have a share a & # 39; get control over and also willing to trade on Stroman and Sanchez for their proper return.

So far, Atkins has been working to do things that just use its edge; its base, so a larger redistribution indicated a shift.

It is simpler to cost a free and $ 100 million free group or so in a contract warrant, aggregate salaries and 0-3 service players, they have money to work together.

Each of them focuses on placement invitations rather than relevant construction.

"We're lucky that we have the option to do either," said Atkins. "We have a lot of flexibility. Our main young people come, we can not be more interesting about it. After flexibility, we are sure it is now and even more Moving on, we are very good … and exploiting opportunities. We are able to do both. We are able to be aggressive and we will be able has been fair. "

Vegas, a child, indeed.

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