What type of sexual assault …? "He might be guilty if he is the first friend"




Kim Nam-soo, a distinguished private college student, met Lee Jae-bird (pseudonym) with her acquaintances. Lee was a graduate of a famous college and Kim was delighted with Lee at his first meeting. This was the first meeting, but the two of them went into third place and drinks alcohol. Before they left, they made a car with Kim's car. Kim took Lee to her home and asked her to say Hello to her at 1 hour the next.

By that time, at 4 PM that day, Lee sent a message to Kim. "I can't remember the sexual intercourse in the car because I was so heavy I miss for the sexual relationship whatever I am." Kim said she was sorry to say to Lee, "I was sorry if I was in a bad problem. Two days later, Lee admitted Kim for rape.

Punishing any sex offenders is almost without social difference by stopping, attacking, or supporting a woman or someone. The statute also counts. But as with Lee's case, the complaint and the allegation of sexual offenses are not significant. In the past, like the court “attack the enemy, under the threat of the threat,” was known only as a rape when there was a strong attack or fear in as big as our t The other party was impossible. However, in recent years, if a crime is not violent, the victim does not object to the case, but the court is often dismissed. conviction for a sexual offense.

Kim was not, however, charged with a tax at the check stage a few weeks ago. This is where the victim and the victim are upset. What are the criteria for the review body and the court to decide whether the guilty and the innocent victim of a sexual offense are only possible in two jobs? Since the conclusion it is; Because the different criminal activities are different, the standards of judgment are used differently. But there were at least reasons to defend or judge the victim and the victim. I advised Kim Bum Han, solicitor in YK's Law Office, and recently examined the criteria for judging sexual offenses in the courts and scrutiny bodies.

Was Somma between? "Making sure there is a difference in the time … … First time, t

The most common complaint about sexual offenses in the last few years is the occurrence of a killer attack. The person doing it is between the victim and the girl who loves, or at least, between their toes. On the other hand, the victim has broken that he feels he is no longer in love. While the relationship itself is not a definitive criterion for sexual offenses as for example, the enforcement of a couple or a boyfriend is recognized as guilty, it is important that the past is what happened in the past when there was no clear evidence of sexual activity. there is an "agreement". .

Kim said, "If you were in a relationship, it's important whether it's the two previous species." "In the relationship that the victim says compulsion is their first friendship, they are often found guilty. There are many cases of guilt." The message is just before and after sexual separation is also an important evidence. . If the communication remains intact, the supporter is a champion. However, if the defendant gives the victim the excuse for sexual abuse, they can be used as a testimony against the protector. More recently, victims' lawyers say, "Excuse," and the makers say they should "not make excuses".

Friendly characters after rape? "It is possible from the victim's perspective that"

John Hee-jung, a former governor governor who was sentenced to prison in the second sentence for secretary compulsion, is bound in Seoul District Court. [연합뉴스]

John Hee-jung, a former governor governor who was sentenced to prison in the second sentence for secretary compulsion, is bound in Seoul District Court. [연합뉴스]

In fact, even though the victim of a recent text message has been postponed after the recent imperative, as was the case with the former Chungnam branch of Ahn Hee-jung, This is because the relationship was related t between the safety branch and the victim. Kim said, "If victims and victims of crime are in positions where they can use both the invisible and invisible power, such as when they are in the workplace – business relationship, there are many issues t where the victim does not stand actively, but often finds him guilty, I suspect the victim, who continues to look after the person who has committed the crime, is full. attention. "

Sexual offenses in the workplace are used as indirect evidence of the adult's criticism. If there is another victim, the victim's legal solution may be easier. But some victims will try to get their counseling by working in a group conversation room with a colleague. This is because the advice from the victim is not taken into account by the victim's views in the conversation room. T . Kim said, "If damage is done, it is a good idea to visit a search group or a lawyer first." The same is true of defenders who have been identified as offenders. In particular, where a married couple is married, many defense staff remove their own messages or records before and after sexual activity so that they do not distort their allegiance. .

Don't you remember the drink? "CCTV, judging by file recording …" I didn't remember "I can't be guilty"

Sexual offenses are repeated after alcohol. The victim and the victim are also substantially together. As both are notorious, CCTV and surrounding statements are used as key evidence in this case. Sex victims are not identified as they cannot remember. But, if the victim is enough to make a doctor's report, they will be found guilty if they meet. As the hotel or elevator's CCTV shelf life is usually within one month, it is important that the victim takes legal action quickly.

In recent years, people identified as criminal actors have allocated a number of previous and subsequent files to researchers. To confirm that they had established a relationship under agreement. T Some internet sites have been converted to "flight mode" so the phone recording cannot be disconnected at the time of conversation, and even to record. Kim said, "It is illegal to include pictures or videos about sexually transmitted, but the recording is self-regulating, so it is not illegal and can be used as a witness in court." However, if the filing file is delivered to a third party rather than the search group, it is likely that it will be punished.

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