What was in Caruso Lombardi's? done to the bomber?


Guillermo Barros Schelotto's certified starter after losing the Copa Libertadores Superfinal against the River in Madrid, Boca has a & # 39; looking for a new coach and already have a number of names to replace it.

Appointed Gabriel Gabriel, Alejandro Sabella and Gerardo Martino, who are struggling together, José Nestor Pekerman, Miguel Ángel Russo and Antonio Mohamed. So, what was Ricardo Caruso Lombardi's? do this Friday at the Bombonera?

Although somebody was unsure of believing that he wanted to confirm Daniel Angelici to retire, the truth is quite different. The coach that was in charge of 24 clubs across the world, was out of work and managed a team this morning in the playground made by an electronic competition a & # 39; Axion company. Other figures also attended the event such as the Bambino Veira.

What was in Caruso Lombardi's? done to the bomber?

Images of credit: Olé.

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