What was the Story of Zelda: An Breath of the Wild an anime?


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<p>To fans <strong>Nintendo</strong> they have no doubt <strong><em>Zelda story</em> </strong>One of the rights of the Big to the right image that is moved to anime format. & Maybe for now <strong>Kyoto</strong> I have no plans to produce it but, at least, we can say some doubt about the way in which a series has been animated <strong>Attach</strong> and a company would like to thank tidy and talented fans. That is a user case <strong>Twitter</strong> <a href=@Arya_in Who, recently, has a lively short animated style sharing The Fight of the Wild.

By giving just over half a minute, the video allows us to see an exciting and full-ranging series in which we see the hero Attach You measure yourself as a robotic pair Guardians Similar to those that we come into the game, everyone with a helpless defense without help Korok. According to the author of animation, he gave him more than two months to fill in and he had other good partners as he was Youyang Kong (animation), Sihan Yuan (music) and Doudou (sound).

This may be just a project made by fans of a game, but there is no doubt that it has an amazing quality.

Watch from Zelda from QianyaYin on Vimeo.

After seeing it and the video was like me, would you like it The Fight of the Wild Did he have his own soul?

Well: @Arya_in

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