What was too dangerous to be released under Elon Musk


The non-profit research team, OpenAI, is an artificial textile generator.

He usually performed so well to identify the next word, based on the words above. The OpenAI sword is under Elon Musk, and now they have to turn the bankruptcy because they were afraid of the algorithm that makes the man's migration so good. Instead, you can map the dangers of such a robot.

Elon Musk has repeatedly recited that he thinks it's the most dangerous data that is at stake. Although it is not an active part of the life of OpenAI, its company is similar to MI. So, they do not share the entire survey, just part of it, they are afraid that such a strong algorithm would go into the wrong hands. Part of it was released to allow other researchers to deal with it, after that, its company's name has been translated into "Hungry Mind" openly.

That's how the monster was made

A total of 40 GB of text was collected from eighteen million web pages, making the textile device called GPT-2. This is ten times on the amount that was first trained by GPT. The data was collected from Reddit, all posts showed at least three increases in the inspection. The robot got these links, and it was the result that he could create a vibrant text in half of the cases if he had a small introduction. It was only by technological and esoteric texts.

If you are unsure about what it is combined, you can read it in English on Gizmodo's side.

Coverage Image: AFP

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