What was written on the first deal with Lionel Messi by Barcelona


This is one of the most important documents in football history but Lionel Messi's first contract was written in napkin for 18 years.

Messi reached 13 years old to Barca in September 2000 and sent people away with what he did with his opponent.

But although he was prompted when he and his family returned home, the decision on whether Blaikrana should have signed the young Rosario should not come to December when some of the # 39; officials of Barcelona and those connected with the club and lunch.

According to Sport, the technical secretary, Carles Rexach and Horacio Gaggioli, who were connecting Messi in Spain and who were at the risk of playing Real Madrid, played tennis and then had a lunch with Josep Maria Minguella, another agent with links to Barca.

Joan Gaspart, president of the Barca at the time, thought that there were some dangers in Messi's registration but Rexach chose to write the following contract on the napcin, signed by the three members of the present.

"In Barcelona, ​​on December 14, 2000 and the presence of Messrs. Minguella and Horacio, Carlos Rexach, the Technical Secretary of the FCB is under his responsibility and despite some of the ideas against being & # 39; Logging a Lionel Messi player as long as we keep the agreed amounts. "

Since then everything was done officially and Messi started on his journey in Catalonia, turning to the youth teams, C and B teams before they stepped up to the first team.

Argentinian surrender to the field for the Blaugrana in friendship against Porto was governed by Jose Mourinho, aged 16, four months, and 23 days old, on 16 November 2003.

The date that Messi saw his first official arch was 16 October 2004. In the attack of Espanyol attacking his & her; fighting in Catalonia, with 34,400 fans present, came forward in the 82nd minute, which included a & # 39; winner who won his & her; game and make a bright cameo.

Just the five Ballon d'Ors, nine La Liga titles, six Copa Del Reys, four Crusader Wars and 566 goals for Barcelona since then. And everything started with napkins.

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