What we know about Barry and Mil Sherman's case one year after their killings


It has been in a year since Barry and Mil Sherman barrels were found dead in their mansion in Toronto in an invasive case that was reported as a killing first, but after then he took control of the police about bad handwriting.

Since then, murderers have been screened through a number of evidence evidence and interviewed with over 200 witnesses in the case. However, the police are still arrested.

CPR, researcher Kevin Donovan, the Toronto Star, who has been reporting the original case, CP24 believes he has investigated police research Toronto back in the past few months. He also said that he thinks they are not near to # 39; catch the person involved or blockade.

"This is a thing that I think they're missing some of a cold case right now," he said Thursday.

How questions continue to & # 39; Increasingly about billionaire death in Toronto, CTVNews.ca looks back at everything we know about the case up to now.

Who were they?

Barry Sherman, 75, founder and Head of Baroness; indigenous company Apotex drug. His wife Mil, 70, was a prominent patriot who was active in a number of charitable attempts.

When did they finally live?

The last couple will live on the afternoon of December 13, 2017.

How could they find them?

On December 15, 2017, find the estate agent of the two groups in a separate position sitting with belts bent around their crop from a railway beside the inside bath in the ground floor of a couple's house in northern York.

Initially police said the deaths were "suspicious." They also stated that there were no signs of entering the home.


Shortly after the groups have been found, media reports that eliminate unused police sources say that researchers were working on the theory that it was a murder case; there. Shermans' family was debated to & # 39; opinion publicly.

In October, Mark Saunders, Chief Executive of Toronto said his officers had never been able to " defeated killing.

"We did not say that. And I want to be very clear," he said.

Making autopsy

The autopsies were carried out on the bodies the day after the bodies were found. Police said the couple died from "compressions necklace ligature." Although the murder team overwhelmed the investigation after the autopsies, the official death did not officially die to 26 January.

Private researchers

Unhappy with the Toronto police force on the matter, Shermans' family asked a team of investigators killed and forensic experts to do their own research.

The lawyer of Toronto, Brian Greenspan, who is representing a private team of researchers, said the Shermans were held after they died in a "very tough way". He has also made a complaint to the Toronto police without going to; Maintains key pieces of evidence inside the house, including 25 footprint and footprints.

Family offer award

In October, the Sherman family gave a $ 10 million prize to anyone with information going to & # 39; arrest and protest against a person who was suspected in the murders. They also set up a cleaning center to get advice on the case.

Where the study is today

Reporter Toronto Star, Kevin Donovan, said the police still want the Sherman murder "active investigation." At the end of September, Donovan said that the police of Toronto said that they had a full-time officer working on their case with other officers; occasional help.

From mid-December, Donovan said the police made 40 research certificates on cell phones and bank recordings, but he does not know who they belong or why researchers are investigating.

Donovan also reported that he has been investigating information about the Shermans estate, which is harassed by the Superior Court Ontario order. He said that Sher Sherman had no devolved, or was not discovered, which makes a difference on his / her; case.

Lawyer Brian Greenspan said Sherman's family is open to work with police officers, despite the struggle.

"It's still a Sherman family belief, by working together, that we will increase the right to get justice," he said.

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