What will the car tomorrow be like?



What will the car tomorrow be like? If the car's head is gas, and a fortiori diesel, already registered, other options that are still difficult to emerge. There is electricity, of course, but the current technologies are not right. "The electric car is a solution to global warming and atmospheric pollution, from the low-energy mix of electricity," said Yannick Duport, EDF's director of electric mobility, who was invited by News in an afternoon Matthieu Belliard, Thursday, alive from an independent car on a 24 hour tour of Le Mans.

The challenge: to achieve clean and cheap electricity

While the transport sector accounts for 30% of greenhouse gases at European level, it is vital that we make a viable solution for motorists. However, there is still a problem with toll stations, too small in France. "We need to be responsive to the needs of customers, 80% of the electricity sales are at home or in the normal piper's parking," said Philippe Montanteme, director of marketing and research strategy. The energy provider will apply, in its petrol stations, a very high power limit (1,000 marks).repayable enough in 20 to 25 minutes, note), every 150 kilometers.

The second problem of electricity: the price. at the moment, re-ferries for cars can often be seen, sometimes wrong, as expensive. “Electricity cars don't have only a problem as they are power, we have a way of producing enough, that he wants the tax to be increased at the right time during the day, t when the voltage power stations are not, "explains Yannick Duport, EDF." The price of electricity is competitive, there is no reason it should change. , we can benefit from the attractive levels, Philippe Montantème.

The future belongs to hydrogen

Electrical future will go through the definition of energy. "There is a debate at the electric car: it's on a battery, with all the questions that it recycles, or uses fuel cells, hydrogen workers. In this case, it has to be tackled cleanly, "said Pierre Fillon, president of the Automobile Club West." If we make hydrogen with oil or coal generating plants, hydrogen also releases greenhouse gases. "

We believe that the fuel cell (and therefore hydrogen) co-operates with the development of the electric vehicle is 'battery-powered', for Yannick Duport, EDF's electrical mobility director, but with just three or four stations. T "paying for hydrogen vehicles, France is lengthening." There are about twenty hydrogen stations in Germany, we're actually losing more cars than there are stations, "said Philippe Montantème, Total. The hydrogen experts feed fuel cells into one of the best ways to make cars as clean as possible, as they only distribute rainwater.

While they are waiting for clarification of the results of electricity, according to Pierre Fillon, in the future, "there are still good days on the crooked dog for it." The "fuel" will continue. all that's growing in the years to come. But do not expect night-time trouble. "The engine is not good for breaking, it seems 70% of the vehicles running will have a heat engine in 2040," says Philippe Montanteme. But the petrol is getting ready today.

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