Whatever is expensive or inexpensive is still to take a & # 39; market, with perfect accounts


When a price still has a black card for its & # 39; attract the market

Unlike the Fadil case is almost ascertain both in terms of assignations and prices, there are two models on the XXX video section on Vietnam television … months ago, also the same "up-to-date" tune, on Carefully check to predict the double double VinFast double price.

The Show Motor Paris 2018 display shows two LUX modules at the top of section D and it will The domestic market share with a number of strong enterprises, including major names such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai. , Kia.

To compete, the price of two VinFast modules must be at the same level as the cheapest price of the department, such as the LUX A2.0 sedan. Mazda 6 2.0 price.

Forecasts of car enthusiasts are very close to the fact when the price of two miles VinFast is within the normal sales price of the department, especially the open price of LUX A2.0 open 800 million, equal at Mazda price 6 2.0, and the SUV LUX SA2.0 price at $ 1,136 billion, cheaper than the Honda CR-V and the new Santa Fe Hyundai.

However, the open price of two LUX modules of VinFast is still swear by the company's "without 3" price policy ((without underspend, with no financial expense on the cost of the product and no interest in the period. .

This is the policy VinFast accepts for all products, but Fadil does not reduce the car so significantly in the psychological impact than the other modules.

In fact, the original price of these two models is 1,366 billion VND (with the sedan) and 1,818 billion (with the SUV).

At the end of the subsidy level, two LUX modules will be sold at their original price – which is still within the average price of the department, but indeed with a more intense and more likely market win. At that time, it will include elements of equipment, features.

VinFast "selling beans, but coming with ginseng"!

Viewing the technical databases of the two LUX modules, it may show that VinFast has been prepared for the post subsidy level with feature lists and "full" toolkit in a model mode sold in Europe or North America.

Speaking really, although there are no two LUX modules on section E, but if you are in a position, look at features inside and outside, the disturbance of comparing these two modules is to make a mistake; Looking up the section rather than the face of the department. LUX models have the modules that look more modern, the features of "similar to cars", such as color data format size 10.4 inches, for example.

In addition to the general safety features, such as anti-lock brake systems, EBD electronic brake spreading, emergency emergency BA, ESC electronic stability management systems, TCS drawing control, HSA flat slip support, anti-climbing ROM, HDC hill support , face parking support, airbags, security activities … buyers also have a choice to buy a number of packages such as indoor packages, an animated pack, an appropriate pack, a pack and an advanced support package.

This allows the merchant to personalize his car according to his preferences and pocket money, and Contribute to the diversification of products sold by VinFast.

It differs from the current current situation with customers who can; buy cars in Vietnam when they need to buy more equipment or features in the "beer accompanied" style when you want to car yourself, and In many cases buyers need to buy the equipment , the car shows "it should have its own", but it was " hit and sell company with thanks.

From now on until the official LUX models are ready for sale by the end of next year, it appears that the section D will see many changes that are favorable to customers, When practicable users This section saw the way and quality of TBF results that are just the car that they enjoy in the category.

In other words, the special comparison between the two LUX modules with competitors in this section is just a comment but it is not very coherent, until VinFast sells the sale of LUX models South West Market a Vietnam car that needs to increase from VinFast because it's good for its & # 39; market, even customers when choosing non-VinFast products.

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