What's and why was it so complicated to come?


The side represents 41% of its surface; moonlight.

This Thursday was a historic day for humanity, since it came to land successfully on the dark side of its moon. However, what is this land really?

To find out what "other side" is a moon to & # 39; means, it is important to be aware that a moon in circular circulation is around Earth. This means it's a # 39; simultaneously use for translation of our planet than to move on the axis itself, so we can not see it hidden or "dark side".

Before that, another spacecraft could see this hidden face, but there was no sign. Everything started with the Luna 3 Soviet spacecraft that made its first images of a hidden face a & # 39; Moonlight in October 1959. It brought 29 images 66,700 km away, which showed foul land and two dark regions.

Although verifications have been submitted over time to many places in the area and that images of the hidden side of the moon, they were not ashore. Why? It was not as easy as it seemed. Historically, it was said that communication difficulties would cause. In the same way, the interest of the nations was in decline.

However, China has been achieved in a historical mission. Just as the USSR made the first images almost sixty years ago, China has gone down to crack on this side of the moon. Coming to a moon certainly provides valuable information to scientists (see note).

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