What's in an "Bird Box Challenge" and why Netflix gave a Warning telling the Canadians not to try it


People have been very involved in one of the latest Netflix's best-known films, Bird box. People even have a & # 39; giving their love to the movie as long as Netflix needed to warn spectators without replacing the movie in their lives. The "Bird Bird Challenge" is now a real thing and Netflix is ​​even a warning telling people not to try at home.

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Bird box It is a post-apocalyptic film where a family has to go on a completely dangerous journey to avoid being killed by a dangerous monster that catches you through the sight. Tons of media were made about the film, and people are now being brought to the next level and dedicating themselves to their lives in everyday life to do so; using a plot at home.

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The "Bird Box Challenge" is made up of people who are " live in their blind lives as if they were in the movie. No matter whether or not it completes activities or just does not; walking down the street or their home, people now register their protected knowledge. The videos are totally fragile, and Netflix is ​​now giving warning to viewers who may have the "Bird Box Challenge" taken to hospital.

Netflix is ​​now praying people without making the Bird Box Challenge. The service was pronounced on it Twitter and told observers that they did not want them to "get up in hospital because of my memes."

The Bird Box Challenge has led to some insecure viral videos. People even have a & # 39; 24 hour challenge challenges and recording everything. Check out how many people have tried to get the Bird's Boxing Challenge. Spoiler: it looks pretty pain.

In the video above, a group was Walking along the streets of New York City, covered with blindNext One One Who Starts To run and crash to & # 39; Falling down many steps from the door of the railway, and looks terrible.

Only one of his two children went to attack Sandra Bullock's character in the movie, because she's protect her two childrenNext In this "Bird Box Challenge", the person's child will terminate her; walk into your wall and look very awesome.

Some 24 hours have been vacant 24 hours. grew in an attempt to keep a full day in the life of "Bird Box". Look at the knowledge, which was recorded and posted on YouTube.

2019 has just started, and it's already busy. For the safety of yourself and others, it may not be better to understand and to live Bird box in life.

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