What's in Myanmar vs. Vietnam tickets?


Today's morning (November 18), a journalist of Bongda24h was present at the Myanmar Football Association, where the ticket went to Vietnam on 20/11. Looking at, the Myanmar vs Vietnam Vietnam price is an affordable price.

Just one tenth of the match against Malaysia

From 8m (local time), many of Myanmar fans were fighting in front of them; Federation for buying tickets. So, the tickets will be sold at 10m, and hundreds of "on-line" must be original.

According to the news set at the Thuwunna Estate – National National Myanmar Stadium, the farewell is very accessible, suited to the needs of fans. In particular, there are only two ferries: 3000 kyat and 5000 kyat (Myanmar money) – equal to 45000 and 75000. Each person deserves 2 tickets and CMT needs to be taken.

Even if Vietnam's people come here to buy tickets, there will be more expensive prices but just up to 8000 kyat, about 120000 VND. To compare, this price is 3-4 times cheaper Vietnam's Vietnam vs. Malaysia price last week, and only 1/10 compared to black market price.

What's in Myanmar vs. Vietnam tickets?

Myanmar vs Vietnam Vietnam ticket prices are just 45,000

Another extraordinary thing is that Burmese fans are in the sun, but they do not. A very ordinary and civilian run, completely in the stream, to hit the number of people up to hundreds.

By 10am, the ticket office opened and their own tickets were first tickets. And the price of tickets at Myanmar vs. Vietnam is so reasonable (with just one min), the number of spectators who are going to the level of lanes will surely be enough – # 39; this is a must give Park Hang teacher here. South Westerly

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