What's in yogurt grass? | What are the benefits of yogurt?


Other names; There are many benefits to the health of humans with herbal herb, shepherd's sieve, wall basil, greyhound and whole grass. In particular, the yoghurt herb is a well-known medicine source for a rotor disease and has three types. Although these species grow in different places and soil, they have different properties and benefits. In addition, grass yogurt tea is a topic that has been inspired and explored in the last few days. So what is a grass yogurt? What are the benefits of yogurt? How do you use yogurt?

What's in yogurt grass?

There are three species of yoghurt grass. Generally, the three types have the healing properties. But it is split apart from places and shape.

Grass yogurt: It will grow in high places and can be increased by 60 cm. Fàs below and
There are golden gold flowers. Smell is like a smell of honey.

Grass transition: This type of gruesome grass is found in the fields and fields. Up to 120 cm. There are small sprouts with a hook on the stem. It is a species of climber and has small white flowers.

Hiteag geò, shepherd's trail: Growing in buses and roadside. During the flowering season, the plant is located beside. There are yellow or white flowers.

What are the benefits of yogurt?

– It is effective in cleaning the toxins that are collected in a & # 39; gold pillar. This brings toxins from the body with wire.

– Yogurt grass is one of the nutrients that are effective against lymph hormones. It is used to regulate anomalous regulation of thyroid. In the checks, it is a wing for the body against lymphatic cancer.

– Increasing cell phones; Blood is given blood to eliminate severe iron. It also reduces edema risk by & # 39; The balance of blood cells in the plates.

– It is used as a natural remedy to eliminate wounds inside the expression that people often have a weak defense system. As well as reducing the absent cells inside the cell; Pretty oral music, it also brings a bad breath.

– There is yoghurt tea that prevents edema by placing the platelet cells' balance too; putting pain away in their arms and arms. For back pain and window, grass yogurt surfaces can be used at home. The effect of shortage of penalty of this herb in a short time reflects its effect.

– This tea, which is also good for sleeping problems, reduces the number of cells deformed into the strange cells and its; reduce the risk of suffering from mental illnesses.

– Yogurt herb that is effective against skin diseases is a natural remedy that is effective in removing uncomfortable such as boils.

– Experts confirm that the water that has been prepared from this plant is influenced by a & # 39; stretching against.

How do you use yogurt?

– Honey, sweeteners or lemons are not used in the production of yoghurt tea.

– Teogram tea can be used on a cold surface after cooling. Surveys have shown that it reduces stomachs and turbulence.

How do you make yoghurt hay tea?

Boil board of new yogurt and cook for 10 minutes
brew and strain.

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