What's special about the million dollar dish? A bait


It is recognized that coffins are one of the most famous and largest experts, so the price of this item is not cheaper.

Both species (Fulica atra) are the species of bird in the Rallidae family. (Picture: Googleusercontent).
Both species (Fulica atra) are the species of bird in the Rallidae family. (Picture: Googleusercontent).

This is a bird with a black and neck head, red brown eyes, a sharp sharp goblet and a white horn after the goblins, an average of 400-500gr average but also 700 gr. (Picture: Soha)

Raiders are found to live and reproduce in lochs, freshwater bogs and vegetation at the base of ponds. When the weather is cold in winter, the garden moves south and west. Spikenets are spread in southern Europe, Northwest Africa, South America, Central Asia, India, … In Vietnam, the connoisseurs are found in Delta Delta, especially in the Bac Ninh and Hai areas. Duong, Ninh Binh and the River Estuary River, the Thai Binh River. In particular, the old reservoir such as Lake West (Hanoi), which found food in the & # 39; lottery here. (Picture: Vuonchimviet)

Because the food prepared from the crown is very beneficial and valuable. Therefore, the cost of market cats is very expensive from 800,000 to 1 million per child. Photograph: Vuonchimviet.

At this price, not everyone can go to; like this dish. (Photo: Blogspot)

Their meat is soft, fluid and treated very handsome. (Picture: Zing)

People often breathe, steal, roast, bite or with some valuable medicinal products such as tree seed, biotin, … to create a delicious, delicious food. (Picture: Zing)

Previously, birds are hunted wildly. But today, due to market demand, many places in Vietnam, many houses have tried to breed and breed this bird for business. (Picture: NongnghiepVietNam)

Depending on many owners, farm methods are not too difficult, but more important, to ensure clean and cool hygiene to help move the birds. There is a lake for jumping, bathing birds … in the tank needed for some aquatic plants such as duck or hyacinth water … Shed should be placed under the tree to a shadow shadow for her & # 39; rest of the shampoo. (Picture: Asialucky)

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