WhatsApp allows you to invite invitations to new group conversation applications in their most recent update


WhatsApp is a must-have communication tool and with its group conversation business, you can easily connect with your friends, colleagues and family members. Sometimes it can be particularly difficult if you invite groups that are not interested in the first place.

In order to solve this problem, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that could be included in iOS users very quickly.

According to WAbetainfo.com, WhatsApp is developing a System Invitation system that allows them to agree or refuse an application before submitting it to; group. As shown in the screenshot below, Settings will be placed under the Options> Census> Privacy> Agencies.

Typically, you can let everyone add to your group and that's a # 39; including other WhatsApp users you do not know. If you want more control, you can add this to your links only or send each person your permission for each group conversation invitation. From the statue, it seems that you only give 72 hours to respond to a group conversation request.

Sometimes, I get spam in the form of a group of camps where some extraordinary panic will invite a number of people into a group before they send a big message. This feature will surely complete those things. After leaving this for iOS, WhatsApp is expected to add this for their Android version later.

If this is included, what situation would you use?


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