WhatsApp allows you to listen to the audio recordings you record before submitting them


WhatsApp has many activities
It's so often to install updates that are; making it easier and easier to use the application; although the app is still required for essential details. The example is the ability to listen to the recordings you record before submitting them.

It is hard to believe that the world-wide user messenger does not allow you to do something simple and simple. But there's a bit of trick.

Do you want to make sure your voice is heard well? Would you like to review what you said before you listened to the person you received? It's simple

Open the conversation you want to submit the audio

Press the microphone button normally to put the audio and press it and then slide your finger into the lock above. So the record will continue to be recorded and you can save your branch

Record what you want and do not work with anything else; click on the back arrow to leave the conversation: it will not be lost, with information from Globo Vision.

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