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WhatsApp, the Android beta app was updated by advancing the LGBT flag and a search feature for photography. But not all new features have been opened.

WhatsApp has been updated with Google Play Beta Program and the Android beta has been updated to 2.19.73. A flag that was installed in the WhatsApp versions earlier with the update was updated on the WhatsApp keyboard, and advice on the images sent and received was also important.

The flag you see in the above picture and has several LGBT members images, is added to the WhatsApp keyboard with the updated 2.19.73. This flag was not included in the keyboard although it was included in the codes for previous WhatsApp versions. The new WhatsApp beta message also contains the following symbols. WhatsApp is likely to publish these symbols in the next update.

However, WhatsApp Beta 2.19.73 updates us for a much more important feature. The company develops the gönder Image Search Which feature allows users to locate images on WhatsApp or to explore Google images. When you open the settings menu in any image with this feature, the üs Image Search option option appears. If you use this option, WhatsApp will warn that the image will be uploaded to Google. If you write or search for ‘, the image will be explored in Google Images.

Because WhatsApp is using Google API to find similar or similar images, we can say that it is too late for something like this. However, the Search Image feature is not updated in the 2.19.73 update. WhatsApp continues to develop the request for unskilled work.

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