WhatsApp: how to do a verification process on fingers


The final case will be on WhatsApp to prove. This person could prove it before being available to the general public, we explain to you how it will work. A verbal request for the message is also made immediately.


As we reported back in early 2019, WhatsApp will provide the verification verification verification with the instant message request. The special WABetaInfo site says it tried the feature before everyone through the 2.19.83 beam, and tells how it works.

WhatsApp: fingerprint confirmation and a dark mode coming soon

To activate the option, go to situations (clicking on the three small people at the top right at the top). Then you have to choose count then confidentiality. This is where you can set their character. For now, there are only a few additional options available, such as the ability to enable or disable the "Feel". WhatsApp asks how long you want the app to remain before you need to confirm again (every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes …)

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WABetaInfo shows that components of a fingerprint worked properly during the test. However, it is likely to be possible to provide a PIN in artificial resolution, for example if there are problems with the fingerprint reader. It is currently unknown when WhatsApp intends to use the feature to all users.

In memory, we also got a glimpse of the huge way of WhatsApp with thanks to the version b '2.19.82, which is still with the same source. It has been months indicating that code marks are showing it is almost complete, we hope to briefly click it.

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