WhatsApp lost the steamers in his iPhone version


Clothes I have made a decision that excitement for users who have been committed to the stewards to WhatsApp, has already been a preference for Messenger and Telegram. The logo remove pads & stamps & # 39; of the App Store and it will stop uploading new install packages.

According to report from WaBetaInfo, Specialized port to broadcast information about news and updates About the BBC, Apple confirms because these stickers packets do not have a & # 39; comply with policies App Store.

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Came stewards to WhatsApp It opened the ability that the app users can download a new stock pack, which should be downloaded through third party applications.

It should be noted that WhatsApp gamers work in a different way than offered by other applications such as Facebook Messenger o Telegram. Users who have uploaded them directly to the request have a series of stickers.

In case About the BBC, if the user wants to expand it mix of stickers Installing installation programs that are required to create external packages created by external developers are essential. About the BBC.

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WABetaInfo told Twitter that one of Apple's arguments is to delete the stickes packs that there are several applications that work in a similar way, they are ask WhatsApp to install the installation. According to the App Store policies, when the submissions have been published on that platform they need to work without the need to install other apps.

Within the rules Apple sets for the App Store, the copy of "a a popular demand recently in the App Store "or" some changes to the port name or interfaces of use of another application and given by itself ".

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