To create personalized apps for WhatsApp he came to live.

Here, we will show you the best three wishes to be creative, which will not be the case; let anyone undoubtedly.

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Strangers created by WhatsApp itself

Then you can do everything, until images are over to make inimitable waves.

The first thing is to go to Google Play Store and then download it "Creator Stickers for WhatsApp". Once this is done, a stripe will be created, a photo will be selected. By clicking on it, there is a list of duties. In addition, there is a rubber for breaking in.

Also, you can add a text to create a meme of a symbol, which is the color selection and the correspondence of the letters.

Once you've done it, can be added to collection. Once this is done, you must click on the # 39; button to add WhatsApp.


Although it is in English, it is very simple, as the process is always created.

Again you need to download it from Google Play Store (free), open it and submit a collection.

According to the site Tuexpertoapps, in this application "a 30-place screen is displayed to create different strips through our own images, just select the image from the gallery and cut off its screenshots to make it & # 39; Respond to the format of the other stickers seen on WhatsApp. For this reason, we can use the free clipping machine, run by our branch, or cut it into a square or around.

Personal stewards for WhatsApp

It is also free and is downloaded in Google Play Store, but it is more complex.

If you use Photoshop or web appliances to create your photos by hand, you can put them in a folder. This tool provides you with an opportunity to WhatsApp.

According to the sites mentioned "it is practical to create these 30 image images at most, taking them to WhatsApp with a button button. In fact, you need to create the images in the PNG format and the configuration with packages ".

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