WhatsApp: tens of thousands of banned users


Tens of thousands of IM users have been excluded from service to use modified versions of the Software.

In total, several thousand users of the message have been banned from the service, after being identified by a Facebook subsidiary.

WhatsApp had already contacted service users who were using a third party application to access it.

A number of software applications have been included, including WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, which just introduced tens of thousands of installations – especially on Android phones.

From now on, the company manually grants users who have passed through amended versions of the Software. A Facebook sub-group states that it did so to ensure the data is secure, not encrypted in those version of the Software, and capable of being accessed by third parties without the consent of the user usage.

Users will be prohibited from accessing WhatsApp by reloading the official application and verifying with WhatsApp. But the history of cats can't be restored.

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