WhatsApp: There are three important changes ahead – they are likely to welcome you


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WhatsApp will send you new features soon. It is about three developments which will provide new opportunities for users.

Smart phones are almost easy to understand for many users. Now it is possible that important changes in the messaging service will be published shortly, it appears that many buyers have a similar application to a new Rum feature. So, WhatsApp should have "dark fashion" as soon.

This new feature is for changing the colors within the application. Method: usually includes black in white with white print. Suggested change to cover the batch and user eyes. WA-Betainfo blogs reported that the dark mode was introduced in WhatsApp in September 2018, now the new feature might be available through a new update.

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Whatsapp provides greater functionality for users

However, for many users, there may be other interesting features: the introduction of a new research facility. Although he was only looking for chat news and history, he should be able to look for single images, videos and GIFs. Also, a new prospectus for the future will appear, in addition to the ability to delete the search history. It is not yet known when the change will be made available to the user.

The third innovation should provide for many users for enjoyment. According to the WA-Betainfo blogs, it should be possible to refuse group invitations through the application. Previously, users were automatically introduced to an invitation history.

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