WhatsApp will eradicate two million monthly accounts to avoid uncertain information


WhatsApp has eliminated more than two million monthly accounts in the last quarter as part of its campaign to reduce the spread of misleading news and information.

Those responsible for the company said that media reporting to remember that the "message submission" was created for private conversations among close friends, "so they will work" regularly. preserving the private nature of our service", which gives information to the CNET center.

This data is part of a report published last week, in which this Facebook company was to explain how it is; trying to stop "abuse" of the platform that is happening in India: its largest market, with over 200 million users

The Indian government has criticized this service for the place it played in up to 30 lynchings, which would be caused by beautiful statements that were distributed through the demand. For this reason, WhatsApp is limited to five the number of people to whom a message can be taken forward.

This company, which has more than 1,000 million daily users, can develop and develop automated learning systems and signal as questioning The operation of a variety of accounts that will send out large messages or disclose content.

Matt Jones, the person in charge of an engineering team & antispam & # 39; of WhatsApp, has ensured that around 95% of the accounts it has gone in the last three months for its "uncommon behavior" and not by consumer notices, according to The Guardian.

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