WhatsApp will have a stop on working on these phones since 1 January 2019


From 1 January 2019, some cell phones and operating systems that stop stopping it; using WhatsApp correctly. According to the instant messaging service on its website, cell phones can be used by WhatsApp only to 31 December this year.

On the other hand, its company has a & # 39; shows that Android devices with the 2.3.7 operating system or some of their oldest versions are capable of using WhatsApp until 1 February 2020, also the limited date for iPhone users with iOS 7 or a more operating system earlier. .

In a short time, what happens if you can not create new accounts or confirm existing ones on that platform, where you could "stop working at any time "What's New WhatsApp's Different Responsibilities?

Compared to this, users with Android devices with the 4.0 operating system, iPhone with iOS 8 or Windows Phone with the 8.1 operating system or more recent versions of these systems can make sure WhatsApp -not working at 100%.

To find out if our cell phone is again to prevent WhatsApp, it's enough to confirm if it is; comply with some of these features:

– Android phones that work with version 2.3.7 or earlier
– iPhones with iOS 7 and earlier
– Nokia S40

To find out what the mobile operating system is, in an Android case, go to "Settings" and then to "about its phone", as long as the iPhone then go to "Settings", "general" and "select" information. "(In-technology)

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