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© Reuters The dangerous scam with WhatsApp that steal your personal data

An application that prompts to see who has seen your profile photo is & # 39; damaging your mobile phone.

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An application that promises to see who you can see on your profile About the BBC, it has been a dangerous realistic scam that completes its & steal your personal data and then ask for redemption money after paying money.

Your name? Tracker Privacy for WhatsApp, which is distributed by social networks due to the service it offers, but what is currently selecting five or more connections from the agenda in a randomized manner and one- give them a day The Spanish country.

"The application uses the user's web access to include advertising by advertising and profit-making with each click of the users in The ads When accessing the device, it also provides users with privacy information and can ask for money. It is called the type of cyber attack ransomwar", which defines the only media.

Tracker Profile for Whatsapp has been removed from Google Play already, however, it is still possible to download it through Google. "Do you know who analyzes your profile images on WhatsApp and your daily status?", this advocacy is to attract users.


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