Wheel and Copa América: Firms are important and we hope they reach a great deal


An Technical director of Chile's national team, Reinaldo Rueda, sure that's in the & # 39; Copa América de Brasil 2019 they have an important role the "big" team players, like that He wants them to reach a good level to protect bichampionate.

"Perhaps for the media part, that pressure and that role are to follow the title, I think this is the slogan or the axiom in those months before American Cup, but evaluate and know where we are and what we can achieve", he said in an interview with the US television network Telemundo.

In terms of team reconciliation for his competition, he said: "I think that we need to make an interesting mix. We need good men, they are very important and we hope they reach a great deal, in the past six months they have a good activity with their clubs, who are campaigners and motivating themselves"

"Everything happens for fortune; in their clubs, do not change their technical command, they are paying attention to, they will benefit them, "he said.

According to Rueda's payroll in her first year in La Roja, the men are "big" that he is in. mentions Gary Medel, Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez, Charles Aránguiz and Mauricio Isla, In most cases, although you can add others Claudio Bravo, Jorge Valdivia and Marcelo Díaz.

Also, about the new names added to the Red, warned him that he was expecting "that young people are consolidated and their; gaining the status of a national team in America Copa"

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