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Aging modern humans begins at the age of 39. However, for most people the first symptoms of this process are invisible.

To such conclusion the American scientists after conducting a series of experiments, reports MedikForum.

Scientists have found that at the age of 39 years in the human body begins to decrease the amount of myelin, a substance that protects nerve cells. The decline in manufacturing makes the cells more vulnerable to damage, and as a consequence, it provokes the development of processes leading to the so-called age-related diseases.


According to the researchers, signs that the body begins to age you may notice in normal life situations – when it is increasingly difficult to bend over or lift something, or when a person falls asleep watching TV.

The first signs of aging that can occur in 39 years, scientists believe the pain and stiffness in the joints. Also, the signal for the beginning of ageing is the difficulty arising from the use of modern technology.

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