When and why would AMLO population go down?


Of the surveys published at 100 days of government, it was the unrecognized number to emerge in permission from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It was the lowest number of Mitofski (67 per cent) The Finance and Reformation put around 80 per cent. For clear reasons, there was more variation in these to build their understanding of support, not only for significant reasons, but for practical and unanimous purposes.

In the survey published today by GEA-ISA, 64% of the agreement or population is headed, against 57% in December last year. The increase is again due to this issue of seven points in the first months of administration, but disappointment also rises from 20% to 25%. Two thirds of Mexicans are like AMLO and one in four like it. I think the relevant fact of GEE-ISA is that, even though we draw over, far from agreeing.

But, question how successful Lopez Obrador is in various cases, the percentages of the people who are succeeding are remarkably successful. For example, 21% of citizens think the President is very successful in reducing corruption; It doesn't matter that AMLO is promised a day and another, "I'm tired" of the end of the pollution, only one in five Mexicans believe there will be. Success in tackling poverty, growing economically and improving security: 21%; reducing inflation only 16%; unemployment reduction, 25%; improving education the best answer: 31%.

How do we resolve the agreement of the president and the suspicious suspicion that a paradise has reached Mexico before reaching the end of the sex drive? The answer, it seems that the most important thing to be asked of is another question. Do you or your family already be aware of or will you benefit from one of the government programs López Obrador? 33% responded that they are already beneficiaries and 31% confirmed it; that is to say, two people from Mexican say they have benefited from access to money, through the various programs identified and starting to work.

So it seems that the reasoning of many of the Mexicans is like this: the country will not be better, corruption will not end, safety will be worse, the economy will be just as accurate. disadvantage, but I can get free monthly money; in addition, this president is not only a good person (70% have a very positive opinion of him as an individual) and directly – he travels on commercial planes (67% permission) -, but t he has taken the initiative against politicians who have corrupt: their wages were down. Officers (84% agreement), took the pensions to old presidents (93% agreement). The formula is simple: send money in your own name (not the name of the state and without mediators) and damage the politicians who are retained by symbolic activities until people think that t their revenge (even if you don't bring them to justice).

When will the President consider a large number and why? 68% of citizens give two or more years to comply and my hypothesis is that there would be no wool other than any negative results in anything. More from the survey, next week. Don't miss it

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