When do we need antibiotics and when do we?


Antibiotics save life and often be used in medicine bacterial tenancies such as angina, major emergency or bacterial brain diseasePost-Doctors are also given to patients with a high risk of disease, for example after surgery or chemotherapy.

Antibiotics work to kill meanings or concepts; block their reproduction. But they can not welcome all diseases. We need to be aware that these drugs are Do not help with flu or cold, because they are not working in viral or fungal diseases.

There is diversity or unsuitable use of harmful antibiotics. Source: pixabay.com

Tiredness or abnormal use of antibiotics are being caused resist bacteriaNext Post It also contributes to a & # 39; appear either wide use of antibiotics in agriculturePost-This means that meat is eating is also the antibiotics that those animals will behave; use, and we are becoming more challenging.

When bacteria have a special antibiotic antibody, it will be a? grow ineffective and another should be replaced, but they can then improve it. Unfortunately, we can not replace antibiotics, because their situation is not limited. So it's very important that we take the medicines as prescribed by our doctorSouth Westerly

Antibiotics can also make such effects shoes, grease, error, fungal disease or disease with Clostridium difficile, which can adversely affect its inflammation and his / her; death. Some people have cancer repression on antibiotics, which can be in life.

We can be resistant to bacteria. Source: pixabay.com

So what do you do? If you need antibiotics, just take it as you have. If you have any questions about antibiotics, talk to your doctor. This also affects when there are effects, in particular a & # 39; diarrhea, as this may be a clostridium difficile disease that requires current cure.

It is also good to know that the respiratory system has a biological disease He will take a couple of weeks without a cureSouth Westerly

Do not forget to wash your hands. Well: benefitsbridge.unitedconcordia.com

Suitable hygiene is the first protection against each disease, so make sure proper washWhen you get sick, stay home. You are among people cover your mouth in cough or streaming. Sneeze and cough into the corner, not in the field, because you will then go to it; break your hands and other things with you and send them the german, so they will harm others.

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