When does it happen? Are you willing to do it? Everything that is known about the River X Boca, the final of the Libertadores


After the game has been suspended, the Tribunal will meet on Tuesday (27) to set the new date. A mouth wants to be a champion to play.

The emerging emergence is around; last ever before and who had been in & # 39; ever waiting for the 2018 Libertadores Cup between River Plate and Boca Juniors, getting more and more chaos arrangements.

After the attacks on Boca coach with the people of River Plate, on the way to the Monumental de Nuñez, the game that was described by a great American championship, he saw the aim of his & # 39 ; Looking at the field for what happened outside the organization, what can contemplate shame for football in the world: players have been severely destroyed by the destruction of vehicle windows, with stones and a & # 39; launching a pepper gas.

The duel, finally suspended to Sunday (25), was pushed again with the disruption between fans and police, before the launch of the ball. According to the portal Home, The Conmebol Control Court must pronounce on Monday (26) regarding the violence around its monument, caused by fans of River Plate.

The information that is set by its port is & # 39; show that Boca wants to be a hero without playing his game; and the Plate River will be punished consistently. However, all things show that the decision does not; despite resisting the River economically, and that does not; preventing the performance of their game.

If the game is really true, the main issue of the Argentine argument is the result of fans in a stadium.

Boca Juniors River Plate
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At the same time, the situation in the nobility remains constant. FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, was arrested by Rodolfo D 'Onofrio (head of the river) when he asked that the game between River and Boca Saturday took place in the -theor (24), even with the knowledge of what happened to the devolution of Boca S Post-Reply to the newspaper The Nation, to deny such applications.

Buenos Aires, Professor Horacio Rodriguez, was sent to blamed fans who stopped the police at the entrance to Sunday River Park today, and, expressing them to "be included in football for more than 50 years."

A new meeting, scheduled for Tuesday (27) among members of the Disciplinary Tribunal in Asuncion, will be able to find out if the game will be held, and when it occurs. Same The Nation says the date is so far on December 8 on Saturday. With its confirmation date, only the team that won only a few days to prepare for the World Cup as the South American concert will be the last. opened on the 18th of the same month in the United Arab Emirates.

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