29 years old Ivani M. from the Serbian town of Leskovac, began his mind on Saturday, who paid his son who was not born, reciting the port of the Serbian Kurir. Evening, Ivan was aware of the time her husband was late Aleksandar He took him to the toilet, and threw his little girl out of his pavement on his face; fourth floor of the building. A three-month-old child died after he dropped from about ten meters on the site, and some of the neighbors, according to the Serbian media, saw the event terrible. As explained more by Blic, everything happened very quickly. Initially, they accepted that they wanted to jump into the depth with their child lying, and then just opening their hands. Zthere was only a skipper high and a big blow had come up.

In the room, the five-year-old girl was present at the time of the disaster, and Aleksandar was expected to leaving Ivana only with her child but for a minute when he jumped in a little need. On the other hand, she would always look, because she was going to see her. suffering from a serious problem after death, and had to appear before a psychiatrist came before the first two months. Since then, she has been taking medicine and her & her; cures, and she needs to be cared for always, and should be noted by doctors. The minute had enough care to worry a family.