When headaches usually become a satellite: a skin or a lifestyle?


Edita Stankevičiūtė, Chemist at Amber Pharmacy Photograph by

Edita Stankevičiūtė, Amber Pharmacy Chemist Photograph by "Amber Pharmacy"

Drawing, troublesome, cracking, or if you're able to; jump – do you know what is hidden behind different types of headheads? What should you do when craftsmen are handled in a bundle of heads of recitals, but still do not; help? According to pharmacist Edita Stankevičiūtė, pharmacist at Amber Pharmacy, the most important thing is to put your head to the head by treating it with pain relief only, but looking for pain purposes.

Migraine – capture, tension – gradual pain

"Pregnancy can be a satellite of any disease or develop for any purpose. However, headaches are usually tired by fever, work over, stress or stress, during damage, changes in air temperature or sleep mode, excess of chocolate, coffee or cheese, an unstable or smoked soul, alcohol diversification. A headache can also be a sign of its brain or stroke, "said the pharmacist.

According to her, it is usually easy to identify the cause of the illness and the skin treatment options.

"A disorderly trigger, which is a troublesome, recyclable illness that can be caused by a variety causes such as adhesion, stress or tiredness. With migration, pain can be unilateral, medium, medium or high, and this pain tends to grow through daily physical activity. It usually lasts for 4 hours, up to 3 days, "said E. Stankevičiūtė and adding that there is a common frequency between 1 and 2 attacks per month.

According to the pharmacist, the head can be caused by a 30 minute minute tension. up to 7 days.

"It's a headache that is different, slim, weak or medium. It does not increase with daily physical activity, there are no signs of nausea or valuation, "a & # 39; explains the pharmacist.

How do you deal with you?

"People who usually go to a pharmacy and complaints about a head body, ask for bad calcers, but it should be noted that the" cause pain to become a pain. First, a man should make a difference between illness and illness that has been stimulated by migraine and without giving up, "she said.

The pharmacist advises pain relief from simple sleep, diet, medium caffeine use, regular physical activity, or even helping psychotherapy. stress on tension.

"Unfortunately, migraine is a bit more complex. Although the medical world is trying to find a way to remove medicine, we have no way to date, and so all cure is directed to control. If you find that you are a migraine, your doctor will provide a medication to get hold and reduce how often & # 39; However, there are similar ways to reduce pain in the pain – in a quiet, weak, fair, dietary room, and help to do it; abolish migration illness, "Amber Pharmacy's pharmacy.

Help rest and cold to; breeding

"Leadership goes beyond the normal limits when it is very scarce, so there is" tears "in any body of the body as well as headaches, with fever and a & # 39; removal, weakness, ignorance, maritime and instinct problems. You should then ask for emergency medical help as soon as possible, "a & # 39; advise the pharmacist.

The first aid, according to the pharmacist, is a quiet in a quiet, cold place; clotting on the hill, to & # 39; bending. The pharmacist warns, instead of aspirin, that under 16 students should get medical advice as soon as possible; as possible.

There are no drugs for headache and cold on the way

In order to relieve headaches, according to the pharmacist, people often come into natural cures, but also to a variety of medicines and, when combined with each other, they are more harmful.

"It's especially important to take into account the bundle of the used products. Think of someone who wants to stop someone while he is in a while; treatment of fever or cold. Many people can cause many problems, in order to "protect" during the time of cold, alcohol and then drink pipers, so that & # 39; increasing the likelihood of internal organs, such as the aegis, "said the pharmacist.

In addition to that, take medication for a & # 39; headache and cold treatment, they include the same provisions, so people can just take too much of the material.

"To avoid this, if you have any questions about coherence with other medicines, food developments, or even food, ask your dentist for advice, make sure the medicines are free and can not your self-care, because this may harm your health, "advised by Amber Pharmacists. "Cungadair E. Stankevičiūtė

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