When is a black Friday and a cyberra morning?


According to the Electricity Chamber of Commerce (CEA), the sale and sale of goods and services across the internet are expected to grow by 20% by the end of 2018, representing about 17 billion pesos for the country.

Next Friday, November 23, Black Friday will start in the country and it will be a great deal. ends on Monday, November 26, with the one also expected by Colombians, Cyber ​​Monday. According to the Electricity Chamber of Commerce (CEA), the sale and sale of goods and services across the internet are expected to grow by 20% by the end of 2018, representing about 17 billion pesos for the country.

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This will be scheduled on November to an electronic trading month, and Colombia, one of the countries in the region with its The greatest potential in this sector, is preparing to offer the best offers to customers on the internet on products and technology services. , tourism, fashion, home, stationery and beauty.

For companies such as eShopex, a representative of Ebay in Latin America, Black Friday Colombia will carry out more than one million dollars in business, which would benefit the country by doing so. Stay on a podium on the internet, especially in the tourism and fashion sectors.

What should consumers think about buying during Black Friday? José Gómez, Country Manager eShopex Colombia and an expert in electronic commerce and recommendation:

1. Buy quickly: The good thing is to be a good start, a & # 39; Taking advantage of offers is good and not buying a compulsory purchase. For this reason, people interested in viewing the materials in advance can identify them as the best options or add it to it; cart and monitor them on offer days. Www.ebay.com is one of the pages that are proposed, with a large range of materials and a special increase at Black Friday.

Once you've identified the desired results, it is & # 39; recommends that the consumer can compare the prices, the seller's assessment and review the views of the customers, make a list of their favorite places and take advantage of the advances that are suitable for the materials they chose. After buying a purchase, the locker's recommendation (a service that allows us to use a warehouse user in the United States, where they can make all purchases in that country) , to achieve their products and change your needs.

Remember that you can buy online purchases, as if you were in the United States or elsewhere and, most of all, the materials to the door doorstep in Colombia.

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2 Buy on secure sites: which is the use of formal companies that have a good infrastructure in terms of safety and service during the season of the key.

For this, the user should verify that the pages where they are going to be purchased are recommended as a result of an Ebay or Amazon case, and that PCI companies are in a position; They can buy them to your home door, the world's largest security to process credit cards and attendees in the United States NAPs, usually eSpepex.

When the user enters any other transaction, they should ensure that these targets have security encryption, that is, the URL has a HTTPS prefix with a green image, which Means that the information is & # 39; travel is encrypted, to have a psychotherapy when they pay.

3. Procedures, return and customer service: To have an enjoyable purchase, it is important as an e-commerce user to identify a customer service, telephone center or tabs to help you make your registration during your first, free and personal advice to confirm your ordering times, among other applications, complaints or submissions.

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With the support and dedication of the Colombian Government in the electronic market and when the largest export is in the country, this Black Friday is a " promised to have been one of the last three years; better. For this reason, experts such as Gomez, suggest users' memory; take advantage of this season of discounts so that they have prepared the Christmas presents and invites entrepreneurs and buyers in the country to offer the products on the internet and get great benefits during this season.

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