When they are rough …


Barco vs. Atletico is coming near. However, there is no great clay preparation for a good game. They, including Barca and Ousmane Dembele, are still struggling.

Barca's leaders decided to "cure" Dembele

It leaves almost one year and 3 months officially passed Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona. From a starlight to replace Neymar, a Barca 105,000 euro and a further 40 million cost for Borussia Dortmund, which is now a 21 year old child just as he was involved in the eyes of the members of Camp Nou.

The Spanish media sent some information back to information that President Josep Maria Bartomeu could Dembele case handling personally. Camp Nou is the one now to be extremely angry with the huge investment but the results are not very valuable.

Barca leaders and Ousmane Dembele when they are rough ... a picture
President Bartomeu now does not want Dembele to stay in a Barca

Bartomeu convened a very important meeting. The Technical Director Eric Abidal, Sports Director Pep Segura and Representative of Dembele Moussa Sissoko. The content of that day is not just the people in the new world.

However, depending on the situation, everyone knows where it is. The "red" may have been pulled by President Bartomeu to Dembele at her & # 39; meeting that day. Indeed, in order to reach that decision, the 55-year-old would have to consult with many of the key people in Barca.

Coach Valverde
Coach Valverde supporting the "ridding" director of the 21st year old star


The Ernesto Valverde coach at Dembele is then. Skipper Barca once and was convinced in the old French football team, giving him the first round of the season. But a while passed, the student's style went down and Valverde had to be brought to the hill.

But instead of trying to get the situation back again, Dembele has a chance to do it. show that it can not be used. On the occasion of the game against Real Betis in La Liga over a week ago, ex-Dortmund left the training session with his teams just because of the night before … a & # 39 ; play a game.

http://bongda24h.vn/Register Liverpool move for its & # 39; Barca & # 39;
Liverpool has to buy Ousmane Dembele Liverpool, the Portsmouth football club has agreed to spend £ 85m on the contract.

In fact, over the last two months, Dembele seems to have challenged Barca's managerial patience. Some children born in 1997 are a hip-hop artist in the Symphony Blaugrana Orchestra (the specific definition is below).

He did not play it well, or really, Dembele was a day closer to the door leaving Camp Nou. Barca has sold for Dembele prices for interested parties such as Liverpool or Arsenal. In particular, if any team has 100 million members on their setup board, they will get the old member of Dortmund.

When they are self-folded

Not to describe the story that is not so simple behind the scenes, which is often a new player just over 21 years only. In terms of experience, errors are not always invalidated; related to Dembele. Barca members, including the leaders and coaches, were too unusual.

Barca's membership is the Messi service

They valued Dembele's talent to 145 million in total for their dedication to Camp Nou. Of course, this is not a fair player if you look at what has been shown at Dortmund. But in Barca there is a completely different story.

There is an unwritten rule in Catalonia: Messi is No. 2, after God. It is the duty of the people attending Barca to serve 10 club shows. Dembele tried to do but he could not.

To this day, there are more people interested in Neymar. The Brazilian star is unhappy to play Messi for four years at Barca and then left to PSG. Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and now Dembele, after just over a year, they were injured.

Dembele is the right one
Dembele features uncomfortable signs

Ibrahimovic has just started a season out of Camp Nou. Dembele is preserved but more and more are moved. On a wallpaper, 21-year-olds are keen to prove that they can be better if they are. Playing Despite Barca's best place.

Barça and Ousmane Dembele duel were held in Madrid at Atletico Madrid in less than a week (2h45 on 25/11). In the past four games, Barca's shows were not sure.

Barça and Ousmane Dembele struggle do not produce negative results only

Leonesa 1-0 hit Rayo Vallecano 3-2, thanks to the final goals, Inter Milan 1-1 and the latest loss to Real Betis 3-4 at home. Earlier, Atletico Bilbao 3-2 hit the closing gap with La Liga's first title at Barca just one point.

The regeneration under the Santiago Solari coach also worked Celta Vigo 4-0 to break the gap with Barca on the " board to 4 points. The battle was not reported at Camp Nou.

What's next to wait for Barca? People often say together: Heaven is a hard, self-contained life …

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