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Following two-round 4-1 impact over Cambodia and 3-1 against Laos, Myanmar linked to the top of Group A, with the same 6 points with Vietnam Telephone but it was ranked higher by achieving more targets (7 vs. 5). To date 85.7% of Myanmar's objectives were set out in the second half. The most important thing in Myanmar AFF Cup 2018 is a great start of mind when it was previously agreed, and mental strength.

A final door was opened with Pang Hang's park-this after 2-0 had benefited from the & # 39; Son. Even with two advantages, the red shirts are still in front of the visit, so avoiding the risk of a Thai conference early (the yellow pagoda team will be able to stand). Table B).

Over nine tours, the Reds lost only one game, 2-3 in 2008. However, it was not just a friendly and unparalleled award. there. In the remaining games, Vietnam is gaining 7, the other attractions. 1. In the South East Asian Championship, Vietnam won 3, which was withdrawn 1, and # 39; 2016 AFF Cup maximum 2-1 maximum victory.

Match between Myanmar vs Vietnam The 201A AFF Cup level will be held at 18h30 on 20/11 Just a statement on VTV6, BDTV, BDTV HD, VTV6 HD, K + PM.

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